BREAKING: President Trump Preparing To DECLASSIFY; Here’s What We Know…

The Mueller investigation is over and it appears that the Trump Administration is preparing to go on the offensive.

According to investigative reporter James Rosen, President Trump is planning on declassifying the Carter Page FISA docs along with other Russia records to expose the Department of Justice’s criminal activities involving their efforts to spy on the Trump Campaign during the 2016 election cycle. The declassification of these documents will come around the same time that the Inspector General releases his findings relating to the FISA abuses.

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The Gateway Pundit rewinds back in time to put the whole situation into perspective. Check out what they reported:

In September of 2018, President Trump issued an immediate declassification order of Carter Page FISA docs and all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr.

A few days later, President Trump walked back his promise to declassify the docs.

“I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents. They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe. Also, key Allies’ called to ask not to release. “Therefore, the Inspector General has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis,” Trump said.

According to ranking member of the House Intel Committee Devin Nunes there is exculpatory evidence in the 20 redacted pages of the Carter Page FISA docs.

The first FISA warrant was issued on Carter Page in October of 2016, just weeks before election day.

Obama’s corrupt FBI and DOJ obtained a FISA warrant and THREE subsequent renewals on Carter Page.

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It is also important to note that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe signed the June 2017 FISA renewal –one month after Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate Trump-Russia collusion.

According to Mueller’s report, the allegations against Carter Page used to justify the FISA spying campaign against him were FALSE.

“The investigation did not establish that Page coordinated with the Russian government in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election,” the report stated.

Under the law, the FBI must go back to the FISA court every 90 days and present the FISA judge with enough evidence that the subject may be acting as a foreign agent in order to obtain a renewal on the spy warrant.

On Friday, the President hinted on what would be coming in the near future when he tweeted, “It is now finally time to turn the tables and bring justice to some very sick and dangerous people who have committed very serious crimes, perhaps even Spying or Treason. This should never happen again!”

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It’s about time that we investigate the “other side.” The entire Russian collusion investigation was started by a flat out lie, that they used to open up an investigation into the President to find ANY crime. Now that there was in fact no collusion, they are trying to say that President Trump obstructed justice so that they can impeach him.

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