BREAKING NEWS: Teamsters Union Withholding endorsement for Hillary Clinton.

(VIDEO) Fox News Reports that the Teamsters Union wants to Meet with Donald Trump!

The Teamsters union has decided to withhold an endorsement of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Fox News reports.

The union’s 26-member board decided unanimously in a closed-door meeting in South Carolina to keep back its endorsement, Fox News’ James Rosen reported on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” on Tuesday.

Rosen quoted sources as saying there are three reasons for the action.

First, the Teamsters were unhappy with Clinton’s recent announcement that she opposes construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which unions favor.

Also, the union wants to wait and see whether Vice President Joe Biden enters the race, and they want to talk to Republican candidates as well, especially frontrunner Donald Trump, who has worked with unionized workers throughout his career, Rosen said.

“It’s a very significant development, not least because the Teamsters is such a big, powerful and wealthy union. You’re talking about well over a million unionized workers, a lot of them in key states,” University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato told Fox. “It’s one more piece of evidence that Hillary Clinton’s effort to lock down the nomination have utterly failed.”

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