BREAKING: Lisa Page’s Testimony Reveals Major Contradiction From Peter Strzok’s, Media Ignores It

Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe held nothing back on live T.V Monday when he proclaimed Lisa Page  was not being honest when she testified about a dirty cop who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, Peter Strzok.

As noted by The Daily Caller, Page told all kinds of lies for two whole business days in front of a federal judge about how having a sexual relationship with Strzok influenced her to join the witch hunt FBI investigation we all now know as Trump/Russia gate.

Strzok lied his face off right along with Page about his text messages between the two of them, which were tweeted out for the world to see and allegedly show how he proclaimed he would “stop” Trump from becoming president.

No one is buying it and Ratcliffe pointed out the obvious contradiction, saying Page contradicted Strzok and readily admitted that the texts “mean exactly what they say.”

“There are differences in their testimony on many cases,” Ratcliffe said. “She admits that the text messages mean exactly what they say, as opposed to Agent Strzok, who thinks that we have all misinterpreted his own words on any text message that might be negative.”

Many in the media refused to report on the Page testimony as the outrage from the Trump Putin meeting poured in.

However, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine pointed out the ridiculousness of the closed door hearing, “I don’t know why Lisa Page’s testimony isn’t out in the open – the American people need to see this so we can end it and move on.”

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