BREAKING: Intruder BREACHES White House grounds and arrested; Security alert “orange”…

Developing story…

The liberal media has been giving “Assassination Dogwhistles” for months now, and they almost got their wish.

Early this morning, a man carrying a backpack was arrested near the residence entrance of the White House. Nobody was hurt, but the intruder must have been a threat because they marked it as security code “Orange”.

Here’s more from CNN:

“A man carrying a backpack was arrested Friday night after breaching security at the White House complex and was discovered by a Secret Service officer by the south entrance to the executive residence, officials said.

The incident happened just before midnight while President Donald Trump was at the White House. A Secret Service source said the intruder might have entered the White House grounds on the east side before making his way near the residence’s south portico entrance.

The White House was placed under security condition “orange,” one of the highest levels of security for the Secret Service. The suspect was arrested by the Secret Service and taken into custody.

The President was spending the weekend in Washington and was alerted to the incident late Friday night, an administration official said.”

Here is more reporting from Twitter:

Please pray for our President! We will keep you updated with any new developments…