Breaking: Identity of London Terrorist CONFIRMED..He was a KNOWN Terror Suspect…

He made his views very public…

London suffered a horrible tragedy after a terrorist ran down several people with a vehicle and attacked others with a knife. There is no official death count yet as many people suffered grave injuries. The identity of this terrorist has been revealed and it’s shocking.

The Reports:

Abu Izzadeen AKA Trevor Brooks is the man responsible for these attacks. This adds even more to the already tragic event. Izzadeen wasn’t a sleeper or a hidden terrorist…his views were made very public. He was very outspoken with praise of many other terror attacks and touted his beliefs over the internet in many videos. Scroll down to read more. 

Abu Izzadeen, who was born Trevor Brooks, has been named as the man who drove a car into the Houses of Parliament and attempted to attack police officers.

His views were far from secret: videos of him can be seen across YouTube, in which he rants about how important it is to kill the police and how everyone in Parliament are kufar, or infidels.

Izzadeen has long been known to authorities for his links to terrorism. He has been to prison for fund-raising, inciting and glorifying acts of terror in the past, and has been active in now banned groups.

But Izzadeen was born in Hackney in east London and named Trevor Brooks. He converted to Islam just before he turned 18, in 1993, originally changing his name to Omar but preferring to be known by Abu Izadeen.

He is thought to have been radicalised after he met other famous islamists Omar Bakri Muhammed and Abu Hamza al-Misri at Finsbury Park Mosque in the 1990s. From there, his engagement with terror appeared to grow – he praised the 7/7 suicide bombers and expressed his hope that he too could die a suicide bomber.

He shot to some measure of fame after he interrupted a speech by then-home secretary John Reid. That speech, Mr Reid’s first public meeting with Muslims, was interrupted by Izzadeen’s shouting that Mr Reid was an enemy of Islam.

From there, he went on to be interviewed in the mainstream press. He was hosted on Radio 4’s Today programme, during which he conducted a heated interview with John Humphrys, and he also appeared on Vice just before the most recent general election, in 2015.

It was during that Vice interview that he made the specific comments towards members of parliament and others involved in politics, suggesting that they were infidels and implicitly that they should be punished.

Izzadeen’s social media accounts have now been suspended. But before, he posted a series of inflammatory messages and described his location as the “house of war”.

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