BREAKING: Democrats suffer embarrassing 364-58 LOSS in Trump impeachment vote!!!

Since Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, some Democrats have been scrambling to get Trump impeached. The big flaw in their “cause” is that Trump hasn’t done anything illegal. You can’t impeach off of rhetoric echoing in the media.

Well a vote to Impeach Trump was forced on the House earlier today and it was a catastrophic failure for the Democrats!

Here’s the breaking story from Fox News:

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to impeach President Trump after a liberal Texas congressman forced a vote on his effort.

Democratic Rep. Al Green, who has repeatedly called for the president’s removal, introduced two articles of impeachment against Trump on Wednesday.

But lawmakers immediately voted to effectively kill his resolution, with 364 voting to table it and 58 Democrats voting to move ahead.

In a dramatic speech on the floor ahead of the vote, Green called Trump “unfit” for office and accused him of “high misdemeanors.”

The symbolic vote had been expected to fail in the Republican-controlled House. It put some lawmakers in competitive districts in a tough spot by forcing them on the record about impeachment.

At the time, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called the effort “pathetic.”

Here is reaction from Twitter:

This is a massive embarrassment for Democrats..and we can’t wait for them to suffer even MORE losses! Turns out that Democrats don’t understand that you can’t impeach somebody because you disagree with them politically.

Suck it up snowflakes, President Trump is going to be making America great again for 8 LONG YEARS!