BREAKING: Hours Before Testimony, Judiciary Committee Interviewing Men Who Claim They Had The Ford Encounter

Breaking new details have emerged on Wednesday night, just hours before Kavanaugh and Ford are set to testify.

Ford has accused a young Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago. Sen. Diane Feinstein held the documents she obtained in July until just days before the confirmation vote was set to take place.

This political fireball was used to attempt to delay the confirmation until potentially after the midterm elections when the Democrats think they’re going to win the House.

By doing this, the Democrats gave limited time for Kavanaugh and Ford to be heard and investigated.

Two unrelated men are now claiming they had the bombshell encounter with Christine Ford in the 1980’s.

The Senate Judiciary Committee released a timeline and information regarding interviews taking placeĀ  this week with two men who believe they were the ones who were involved in the assault.

If this becomes true, the Democrats are going to be in a world of trouble for the smear campaign they have ran on Judge Kavanaugh.

Now I want to break down how this could possibly implicate what actually happened.

If you were to believe the polygraph test Ford passed and the two new men saying they were the ones who had the encounter, there’s a clear path of connecting the dots.

In my opinion, if the above information is 100% true, he Kavanaugh accusation flow COULD be summed up like this:

The ultimate goal of the Democrats was to generate enough outrage to force Kavanaugh to withdraw or create an FBI investigation knowing it would take weeks to complete, thus forcing Kavanaugh to lose a chance at being confirmed if the Democrats somehow win the midterms.

The Democrats initially failed at disrupting the Kavanaugh hearings.

Feinstein sat on the Ford accusations until the last minute to try and delay the confirmation until after the midterms.

With that in mind, let’s continue with accuser number one, Christine Ford. What if Ford mixed up Kavanaugh for the two men who are being interviewed by the Judiciary Committee? What if it happened at a different party?

It would then make sense why none of the witnesses she stated remember the party.

That would mean she passed the polygraph test because she was actually sexually assaulted, but not by Brett Kavanaugh or Mark Judge.

Democrats, may or may not have believed Ford, but they knew they would be using the sexual assault accusation as a last resort to push this back and had plans to bring in more women to make accusations which would bring out the dagger.

The second accuser has nobody confirming her wild statements about Kavanaugh exposing himself to her face while he was drunk at Yale. She’s also refusing to testify until AFTER an FBI investigation which fits right along with their ultimate goal.

The third accuser, Julie Swetnick, was brought out by Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti on Wednesday. She accused Kavanaugh of drugging women and being a part of a rampant gang rape group which happened at ten parties she allegedly attended. However, in just hours, holes were exposed in her story in accusations.

Reports broke of her ex-boyfriend, who previously filed a restraining order against Swetnick, stating she has ZERO credibility. Swetnick never attended any schools close to Kavanaugh and friends of Kavanaugh also stated they have no recollection of her. Swetnick then provides no witnesses or corroboration for her insane story of drugs and gang rape. It also doesn’t make sense why she would’ve attended NINE MORE parties after seeing gang rape and drugs.

Also on Wednesday a fourth accuser, who wanted to remain anonymous, made more assault accusations against Kavanaugh. Who knows, maybe he assaulted the tooth fairy or the easter bunny.

Finally, the fifth accuser claimed a drunken Kavanaugh and Mark Judge assaulted a close friend on a boat in Rhode Island. Once again, without proof the Democrats ran with the story. The accuser, after being exposed for tweets calling for the military to kill President Trump, then admitted he made a mistake and it wasn’t Kavanaugh.

So in the event this theory is true, the Democrats will have blatantly exposed themselves for the disgusting level of identity politics they’re willing to play.

All of this is absolutely insane and the Democrats, if proven to be liars, will heavily pay the consequences in the midterms. They’ve woken a sleeping beast at the perfect time before the midterms. Republicans will be coming in November.