BREAKING: FBI Opening New Investigation Directed at Clinton Foundation

FBI investigators are reportedly directing their investigation at the Clinton Foundation, after late Friday’s announcement to reopen Clinton private email server investigation.


FBI agents in New York fought to further their investigations into the Clinton Foundation, butting heads with the Justice Department, which said there wasn’t enough evidence to continue, The Washington Post reported.

Those investigations by the New York agents were separate but ostensibly happening at the same time as the FBI’s larger probe into Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email server, the Post reported.

The Post reported that agents in New York were involved in investigating possible corruption and pay-for-play between Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation, but were getting repelled by prosecutors within the public integrity unit of Justice.

The Post’s story, on top of The Wall Street Journal’s report of in-fighting over the FBI’s announcement of a new probe into the batch of hundreds of thousands of emails discovered on a device belonging to Huma Abedin during the probe into husband Anthony Weiner sexting with a 15-year-old girl, surfaces chaos within and between the two agencies one week before the election.

The Post reported that the Clinton Foundation had not heard from the FBI, suggesting the Justice Department prevented the agents from taking further action, leading to the leak.

It is “entirely inappropriate for anyone — agents or prosecutors — to bring their frustrations to the press,” Howard Shapiro, former general counsel to the FBI, told the Post.

The public integrity prosecutors in the Justice Department are not politically appointed, the Post reported, suggesting a group insulated from the political pressures that have enveloped the investigations into Clinton.



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