BREAKING: Creepy Avenatti’s New Kavanaugh Accuser Rapidly Exposed For Lack Of Credibility

“She’s not credible at all,” the ex-boyfriend of Kavanaugh’s third accuser said. “Not at all.”

It’s a story we’ve seen many times before.

The Democrats have been planning on resisting our next Supreme Court Justice since day one. In a precisely timed smear campaign, they’ve done absolutely everything possible to stop Brett Kavanaugh.

Despite Kavanaugh’s ex-girlfriends, countless colleagues, high school friends, and just about anyone who has ever made contact with Kavanugh denying any of the new accusations, the Democrats and the media continue to roll out the red carpet on more wild accusations.

At the beginning of the week, Stormy Daniel’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti hyped a bombshell accuser he was going to unveil later in the week.

On Wednesday, the man seeking a 2020 Presidential run announced his new client is “Julie Swetnick.”

Swetnick alleged of “rape gangs” taking place between Kavanaugh and his friends in which women were drugged and raped by multiple men.

Kavanaugh’s high school friends then sent a letter to Grassley claiming they don’t recall even meeting Julie Swetnick.

Quickly after fame obsessed Avenatti released his “damning” information, Swetnick was exposed for her lack of credibility by an ex-boyfriend.

According to Politico:

A Miami-Dade County court docket shows a petition for injunction against Swetnick was filed March 1, 2001, by her former boyfriend, Richard Vinneccy, who told POLITICO Wednesday the two had dated for four years before they broke up.

Thirteen days later, the case was dismissed, not long after an affidavit of non-ability to advance fees was filed.

According to Vinneccy, Swetnick threatened him after they broke up and even after he got married to his current wife and had a child.

“Right after I broke up with her, she was threatening my family, threatening my wife and threatening to do harm to my baby at that time,” Vinneccy said in a telephone interview with POLITICO. “I know a lot about her.”

“She’s not credible at all,” he said. “Not at all.”

On the flip side, Kavanaugh’s ex-girlfriends have been outspoken about Kavanugh’s past. These comments are the totally opposite of what the ex-boyfriend of Kavanugh’s third accuser is saying about her.

As noted by The Hill:

The two women, who both say they knew Kavanaugh in high school, say the allegations against him do not sound like the man they knew.

“Brett Kavanaugh and I have been good friends since high school,” Maura Fitzgerald said in a statement disseminated by the conservative public relations firm CRC Public Relations. “I dated him in college and he was and is nothing like the person who has been described.”

“He always conducted himself honorably with me at all times when we were together,” Fitzgerald added. “He was always a perfect gentleman, and I vouch for him completely.”

Another woman who dated Kavanaugh described him as “respectful, kind and thoughtful.”

“I’ve been friends with Brett Kavanaugh for over 35 years, and dated him during high school,” Maura Kane said in a statement released by CRC. “In every situation where we were together he always respectful, kind and thoughtful.”
This dog fight looks like it’s going to continue heating up and I’m sure we’ll see more uncorroborated accusations come down on Kavanugh before it’s all over.
The Democrats are desperate.