BREAKING: Bombshell Confirmation Is VERY Bad News For Comey, Strzok & Page

The plot thickened on Saturday night when a damning confirmation surfaced from former FBI Director James Comey during his closed-door interview with congressional lawmakers.

The awkwardly tall, Trump hating, Tweet warrior, also known as James Comey, was grilled behind-closed-doors on Friday regarding issues ranging from the FISA document he signed off on, the Mueller investigation, and Hillary’s emails.

Following the interview, Comey tweeted, “Today wasn’t a search for truth, but a desperate attempt to find anything that can be used to attack the institutions of justice investigating this president. They came up empty today but will try again. In the long run, it’ll make no difference because facts are stubborn things.”

After reading the entire 235 page transcript, highly respected journalist Paul Sperry tweeted “BREAKING: Comey in his Friday testimony confirmed that the pro-Hillary Lisa Page, as well as her disgraced FBI colleague Peter Strzok, helped draft his exoneration-before-investigation statement for Hillary around the same time they were rooting for Hillary to win the election.”

In July, Peter Strzok testified that he “couldn’t recall” softening the wording of Comey’s exoneration statement of Hillary Clinton.

As noted by the Washington Examiner:

Strzok conceded during a joint hearing of the House Oversight and Judiciary committees that metadata indicates his computer made the change, but said he can’t remember doing it.

The June 2016 edit changed “grossly negligent,” a term that carries legal liability under the Espionage Act, to “extremely careless.”

Explaining the decision to soften the wording, he said, “my recollection was that attorneys within the FBI had raised the concern that the use of gross negligence triggered a very specific legal meaning … particularly [in] one of the mishandling [classified information] statutes.”

Comey claims he would’ve removed Lisa Page and Peter Strzok from the Clinton investigation if he had known about their bias.

Sperry also tweeted, “BREAKING: Comey’s general counsel at the FBI — James Baker — testified privately that he originally believed it was appropriate to charge Hillary Clinton with mishandling classified information, but he said it was Comey who persuaded him that Clinton should not be charged.”

Based on all the revelations, James Comey allowed Srzok and Page to have a major influence on the pre-investigation exoneration statement of Hillary Clinton.

He also supposedly didn’t know Strzok and Page had a political bias.

Yes, they were all three working together on an exoneration statement before an investigation yet Comey didn’t think there was any bias. Amazing!

How do you feel about James Comey?