BREAKING: Anti-Netflix Boycott Reaches 100,000 SUPPORTERS in less than one week!

Last week, our team at launched a petition against Netflix after they officially brought on Obama to produce Anti-Trump documentaries and shows on their platform…and it has gone absolutely VIRAL!

In less than one week, the petition has reached 100,000 supporters and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Why should we support Netflix if they are openly turning themselves into an arm of the Democrat party? Not only will Obama turn the platform into an Anti-Trump propaganda machine, but they openly promote Michelle Wolf, who uses her Netflix show as a platform to bash Sarah Sanders for her looks and her weight.

Thankfully, Trump supporters from all over the country are promising to NEVER give Netflix a dollar of their hard earned money from this point forward! Not only are subscriptions being cancelled, but Non-Subscribers are committing to never order their service at any point in the future!!

Here is a social post of the petition from one of our partner pages so you can see the activity and passion of these Trump supporters:

Here are just SOME of the comments from (Former) Netflix subscribers:

And that is just the TIP of the iceberg. Trump supporters all over the country do NOT want to see a Netflix where it is normal to trash our President.

If you haven’t added your name to the boycott, do so right away by clicking here.

Many more on Twitter also pledged to boycott the streaming company by CANCELLING their subscription:

We are so glad to see these Trump supporters taking a stand.

The real question is, can we get this petition to 200,000? Share it everywhere and lets make it happen!