Trump Inches Closer To PULLING THE TRIGGER On National Emergency

Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been going back and forth over border security ever since President Trump re-opened the government on January 25th.

While Republicans are demanding $5.7 billion for a border wall, Democrats don’t seem willing to budge at all.

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As these negotiations in Congress are getting nowhere, Trump seems to be eyeing another option.

In response to a question about declaring a national emergency, Trump said, “I’m certainly thinking about it. I think there’s a good chance we’ll have to do that.”

He later took to Twitter and said:

Thank goodness we have a fighter in office! Check out what else he had to say:

According to Congressman Tom McClintock, Trump has total legal authority to declare a national emergency to build the wall.

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If Trump decides to go this route, we can expect various court challenges and a major meltdown from the left.

Check out what ABS-CBN News had to say about the situation:

Trump’s threat comes well before the expiration of a Feb. 15 deadline that he set for Congress to agree on funding for wall construction. But on Thursday he described negotiations with opposition Democrats “a waste of time.”

The president says that existing sections of walls should be extended along the border to stop what he describes as an uncontrolled invasion of criminals.

Democrats, who control the lower house, have repeatedly rejected Trump’s funding demands, saying that he has made the wall project a political crusade to demonize immigrants and to satisfy his base.

It’s pretty ironic how Democrats in the House are rejecting Trump’s border wall proposal because it’s a “political crusade” meant to “demonize immigrants” when these are the same Democrats who have voiced their support for a border wall in the past.

Prominent Democrats have always voiced their support for a border wall but only became opposed to it when Donald Trump agreed with them. Just more hypocrisy from the Left!

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Check out what conservative Charlie Kirk had to say:

So true.

Trump has given Democrats opportunity after opportunity and all they do is obstruct and put the American people at risk.

If they can’t put their pride to the side and put the American people first, Trump will have to take the matter into his own hands.

Over the course of all the negotiations, Trump has been requesting $5.7 billion from Congress for the wall. Maybe he will bump that number up if he decides to declare a national emergency.

This is what the far left House Homeland Security Committee had to say:

No National Emergency? 90% of heroin comes across our southern border.

Violent gangs such as MS-13 are flooding our country.

Sex trafficking is at an all time high because of our loose southern border. How is that not a national emergency?

Democrats rather destroy Trump than keep the American people safe by building a border wall. This sad reality is putting the safety of the American people at risk.

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