BOOM: US Forces capture ISIS ‘capital’ in Afghanistan; Wipes out nearly 170 terrorists

U.S. officials have told Reuters that U.S. forces have successfully captured the ‘capital’ of ISIS in Afghanistan, killing over 170 terrorists in the process. This is another massive success from the Trump administrations war on terror, yet the mainstream liberal media is completely ignoring it.

Lt. Col. Josh Thiel from the U.S. First Special Forces Group told Reuters that this was one of the main sites that helped finance ISIS’ operations.

“This was one of the main green zones that did two things. One, it provided money, finance, logistics to ISIS (Islamic State) and we’ve taken that away from them,” Thiel said. “Additionally, ISIS was using this as a site to prepare and move high-profile attacks on Kabul and Jalalabad.”

According to the report, this mission involved three companies of Afghan commandos who were supported by U.S. air strikes and American Special Forces teams. Reuters also said that this battle lasted several days and ended in early June, taking the lives of 167 ISIS terrorists.

“The network is very fungible…,” Brigadier General John Brennan told Reuters.

“I wouldn’t say the actual suicide bombers came from Deh Bala, but facilitation runs all along the border and part of it used to come through here,” he added.

Here is some reaction from Twitter:

President Trump has continued to kick major ISIS ass during his first term, yet the liberal media doesn’t give him any credit for it.

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