BOOM: Trump support strong, prepare for Trump 2020, says British Officials!

LOL — Trump isn’t going anywhere!

As Liberals and Fake News across America claim that Trump 2020 is impossible, British Officials just released their opinion — and it’s what we knew all along! Trump supporter base is strong, and his 2020 win is probable.

From Zero Hedge:

Anyone who consumes even a modest dose of mainstream media is probably convinced by now that the GOP will lose both the Senate and House in 2018 followed by the White House in 2020 (assuming Trump is even able to avoid impeachment, that is). 

Be that as it may, the British diplomats who advise Theresa May on how to manage the US-UK “special relationship” say the predictions of a Trump downfall are nothing more than wishful thinking and that the Prime Minister should prepare for the Trump presidency to be extended through 2024. Per The Telegraph:

Donald Trump is on course to win re-election in 2020, senior British diplomats believe, as he approaches his first full year in office.

They think that despite a string of negative headlines the US president has largely kept his support base onside since entering White House.

Possible Democratic contenders are seen as either too old – such as Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden – or lacking in the name recognition needed to defeat Mr Trump.

There is also a belief the US president has curbed some of his most radical policy instincts since taking office, such as ignoring Nato or pulling out of Afghanistan.

In addition to the irrelevant approval ratings, senior British diplomats also have doubts as to whether there are any viable Democratic front-runners who have what it takes to win.  Apparently they’re not convinced that a 76-year-old Socialist senator from Vermont nor a gaffe-prone Joe Biden, who has sought his party’s nomination twice (1988 and 2008) and failed, are great contenders.

Meanwhile, they think younger potential candidates – such as Cory Booker, the New Jersey senator, or Kamala  Harris, the California senator – are “yet to be tested” on the national political stage.  That said, we vaguely recall that similar predictions were made about a first-term senator from Illinois back in 2008.

And, while difficult to find, there are also some American journalists willing to admit that polling data is just as irrelevant now as it was in October 2016 and that predictions of Trump’s early demise are a bit premature.

Take a look at that last sentence that I bolded. Remember how FiveThirtyEight and all those other politics blogs had Hillary’s victory at 70, 80, 90%? I remember one poll that said Trump had a TWO PERCENT chance of winning. Well, look where we are now. While the Dems don’t ever learn from their mistakes, it’s pretty obvious to me: polls are meaningless. Data can (and is) manipulated, and Fake News has an agenda to push. Let the Dems say that Trump can’t win 2020 — it’ll just make us get out and vote that much more.

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