BOOM: Trump says WE SHOULD SUE after ABC’s fake news causes stock market to drop

On Friday, ABC News reported fake news where they said Trump told Mike Flyyn to contact Russians “as a candidate”…and the stock market immediately plummeted.

The Dow Jones shed 350 points alone.

However, their report should have said that Trump said this AS PRESIDENT-ELECT! That changes everything. ABC News “corrected” their error late on Friday night, but the markets were closed and didn’t have the chance to recover. This market drop caused people to lose millions of dollars in just one trading session.

Now, President Trump says we should SUE ABC!

Here’s what he tweeted this morning:

Then he gave credit to ABC for suspending Ross:

Others on Twitter shredded ABC’s fake news:

Do you agree with President Trump? Should those who lost money be able to sue ABC for their fake news which caused the markets to tank? Comment below…