BOOM: After signing Tax cuts into law, Trump LEAVES THE SWAMP to celebrate Christmas!

After President Trump signed the historic GOP tax plan into law this morning, he set off for a WELL DESERVED vacation at his Mara-Lago resort in Florida!

According to the Palm Beach Post, President Trump’s private helicopter, bearing the signature TRUMP label, landed on the new helipad at Mar-a-Lago at about 10 a.m. No word on who was in the helicopter.

For years, the Trump family has celebrated holidays at Mar-a-Lago. Last year, then President-elect Trump celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s at Mar-a-Lago. However, this year’s visits will be much shorter.

Trump is scheduled to return to Washington on New Year’s Day.

Here’s the picture of Trump landing:

Here’s a live feed of the Mara Lago activities:

We’re glad to see Trump enjoying himself with his family! We all know this was well deserved.

We can’t wait to start 2018 so we can keep MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!