BOOM: Petition to fire Whoopi crushes 50,000 goal; Reaches 100,000 signatures in just 3 DAYS

On Friday, our team at started a petition to fire Whoopi Goldberg and it went more viral than we ever could have imagined. In less than 72 hours, our petition has hit over 100,000 SIGNATURES and it keeps growing by the minute!

When we started the petition, our initial goal was only 50,000 – but Conservatives had higher ambitions. They shared and shared and shared this petition across social media and now it has more than doubled our signature goal.

As on Sunday morning, the petition is at 100,000 signatures and our new goal is 150,000! Once we hit these larger goals, we’re going to print the signatures and send them to the front door of ABC studios in Burbank, CA.

Click here to see the petition for yourself

In case you missed the reason behind this whole controversy, Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News went onto ‘The View’ and completely hammered the liberal co-hosts who were trying to attack the Trump administration. Pirro is a huge Trump supporter, so this went about as well as you could have expected.

It escalated to a shouting match between her and far-left host Whoopi Goldberg, and things got ugly fast.

Here was the heated segment that everyone is talking about:

Here is the interview with Judge Jeanine afterwards revealing the fact that Whoopi assaulted her:

Pirro said that after the show, Whoopi shouted profanities at her and even SPIT on her! In response, we believe that Whoopi should be fired from ABC because a CONSERVATIVE would have already been fired by now. This is the same network that fired Roseanne for making an insensitive joke about Valerie Jarret, yet somehow physically ASSAULTING someone is okay in their eyes? We call BS!

Turning our attention back to the petition, we have something important to tell you about efforts to shut the petition down by big social media companies.

On Friday, Facebook completely removed the petition from their platform. They claimed it was “Spam”, but our audience fought back and disputed the claim, which forced Facebook to restore it across the entire social network just a couple hours later.

However, now we have more bad news.

Facebook has taken it down again on Sunday morning and we are OUTRAGED! Our social post had well over 20,000 likes and 5,000 shares, yet Facebook thinks it somehow “doesn’t meet community guidelines”. We’re going to post it on our social media pages again shortly, so please keep your eye on it.

This is a disgusting effort to silence our voices because THEY don’t agree with it, but we won’t stand up for that! If they want to keep shutting us down, we’ll do everything in our power to get this petition to 300,000!

Again, click here to see the petition and share it with everyone you know

Let’s keep the momentum going, folks. We need to make it known that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior against Judge Jeanine.