BOOM: NBC wants to film “Super Bowl Anthem Kneelers”, but they’re about to get a RUDE awakening…

NBC and the rest of the liberal media want to give off the impression that there is chaos and racial division in the country because, well, it’s good for ratings. They know that when they get their liberal base riled up, their ratings will increase.

To that point, NBC announced last week that they would film any player who decided to kneel during the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, but they’re about to face a huge problem…

NONE of the remaining 4 teams have players that regularly kneel! As the Washington Times points out, the only 5 teams that had regular kneelers didn’t even make the playoffs.

Here’s more from the Washington Times:

NBC plans to televise any players who refuse to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl, but there may be nothing to show.

It appears that NFL players are no longer taking a knee during the national anthem, namely because none of the teams with still-active protesters has qualified for the postseason.

By the end of the regular season, only five teams featured at least one player regularly sitting or kneeling on the sidelines for the anthem: the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers, the Miami Dolphins, the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders.

None of those franchises made the playoffs, even though four of the five did so in the previous season, leading to speculation about whether the take-a-knee protests wound up dragging down team performance along with TV ratings.

I hope and pray that these teams continue to stand for our National Anthem. There’s nothing that would make me more sick than to see privileged millionaires kneeling during the Super Bowl.

What are your thoughts? Will you watch the Super Bowl, or are you still boycotting? Let us know below…