BOOM: Gaetz Tells Sessions To Appoint A Second Special Counsel Or ‘Step Aside’

Rep. Matt Gaetz is demanding the Department of Justice appoint a second special counsel to investigate abuses of power and corruption against President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

During an interview Monday on Fox News, the Florida Republican made it very clear he was unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ inaction on surveillance abuses against the Trump campaign.

Gaetz gave Sessions two options: appoint a second special counsel or resign.

“If Jeff Sessions doesn’t want to do the job of attorney general, he should step aside and we should get someone who wants to do that job,” he said.

Gaetz said a second investigation would provide “real accountability for these crimes that were committed against President Trump and his team.”

He also said Republicans called for a second special counsel more than seven months ago, but Sessions refuses to take any action.

Check out Gaetz’s remarks below:

Gaetz was joined by a dozen GOP lawmakers who sent Sessions a letter requesting a second special counsel to look into credible allegations of surveillance abuse from the Obama administration.

As noted by Fox News, the letter stated:

“As you know, evidence has come to light that raises serious concerns about decisions and activities by leadership at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding how and why the Clinton probe ended and how and why the Trump-Russia probe began.”

“We acknowledge with immense gratitude that nearly every single man and woman in the DOJ and FBI conducts themselves daily with integrity, independence, patriotism, objectivity, and commitment to the rule of law. That is why this Special Counsel is of the utmost importance to ensure that these historic, legendary and necessary agencies move forward more respected and effective than ever before.”

Gaetz said Trump has been vindicated and proven right that the FBI was “spying” on his campaign on the “false and rotten premise” on the Clinton-funded dossier from former British spy Christopher Steele.

“The president has been vindicated,” Gaetz said.

Now it’s time for the Obama administration to be investigation and held accountable for their actions.

Do you think Sessions should appoint a second special counsel?