BOOM: Donald Trump Delivers On Promise Of Jobs In Granite City, Illinois

“Winning” is a term that never gets old when your President is Donald J Trump, and the Chicago Tribune reports excellent news for unemployed Americans in Granite City, IL.

In short, the good news is JOBS JOBS JOBS!!!

 “Nearly half of the returning 800 U.S. Steel jobs will be filled with employees who were laid off in 2015 when the plant was idled,” she writes.

Granite City has for decades been the heart of this blue-collar mill town, a safe environment for millennials to place find a lavish steady and dependable income without a college degree.  Residents can find relief in the announcement and head down to the local steel plant  before previously being shut down in 2015, laying off 2,000 people when Obama was President.

Promises made promises kept Chicago Tribune reports

U.S. Steel is filling 800 jobs at the mill, a result of the steep tariffs that President Donald Trump announced on imported steel and aluminum earlier this year. The Trump administration has in recent months imposed tariffs on goods from Canada, Mexico, and China and on Friday imposed tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports. That country responded by levying tariffs of its own on American-made goods.

Employment in the flyover state has been a source of great criticism for Trump and past administrations and it looks like the ship of “hard times” is finally set to sail for the hard-working people of Granite City.

Are you excited to see that Trump is keeping his promises to BRING BACK JOBS? Comment below with your reaction…