BOMBSHELL: Report Claims Top Women’s Soccer Player Left Off National Team Due to Christian Views

From bogus claims about pay inequality to tossing Old Glory on the ground after winning the World Cup, the U.S. Women’s National Team isn’t doing itself any favors.

Now, some are claiming a top defender was left off the team because of her Christian views.

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If true, it’s devastating.

From Daily Wire:

The absence of one of the best women’s soccer players in the nation from the national squad that just won the World Cup has prompted questions as to whether she didn’t make the team because of her openly professed Christian faith.

Jaelene Hinkle, 26, “has been called the top left defender in the U.S. game,” according to The Washington Times. Fox News noted Hinkle “helped her team win the NWSL championship and previously helped it win a title in 2016 when it was known as the Western New York Flash.”

But none of that apparently mattered to the women’s team. The Irish Times, which called Hinkle “the finest left-back in the NWSL,” wrote in June, “Hinkle likely would have been a fish out of water on the uber-woke women’s national team, some of whose biggest stars are openly lesbian, raising questions about whether she would have thrown off the squad’s chemistry.” – The Best Collection Of Pro-Trump News On The Planet!

Matt Walsh explains why the women’s team is just so darn unlikable…

The reason for the difficulty probably has something to do with incidents like this, where three of the players dropped the American flag on the ground and stepped on it during the victory celebration. Snopes says it is “mostly false” to claim that the women dropped the flag and stepped on it, but that is literally what happened. It was an act of careless disregard rather than political protest, but still, it’s gross and hard to watch.

It also didn’t help that the ladies ran around the field gloating gratuitously after easily dispatching vastly inferior teams like Thailand. The whining about “equal pay” has added to the insufferability factor, as have the national anthem protests and the constant Trump-bashing. I’m no Trump sycophant myself, but it’s annoying when athletes — especially athletes who are supposed to represent America, as a whole — insist on being political. The drunken belligerence isn’t terribly appealing either, especially when grown adult women are on video declaring, “Hide yo kids … I got the keys to the mothaf***ing city and I’m coming for all y’all b*tches.” It’s difficult to be likable while speaking like that.

The team won it’s second consecutive World Cup by defeating Netherlands 2-0 in France.

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After the victory, some protesters found a Fox News camera so they could berate the most powerful man in the world.

***WARNING: Strong Language***


lmao @FoxNews just went live from a bar in France after the #USWNT win and people started shouting “Fuck Trump” on air😂😂

Some people don’t realize how good they have it in the United States. Whether these protesters are American or not speaks volumes about how uninformed they truly are.

Lefties loved it, though.

Here are some of their reactions…

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National Team co-captain Megan Rapinoe loathes President Trump.

Like many on the left who are LGBT, she is clearly ignorant to the fact that 45 is a big supporter of gay rights.

Rapinoe was one of the first athletes to kneel for the national anthem after Colin Kaepernick started the silly trend.

She may play for America but Rapinoe’s actions suggest she’s very un-American.

After saying she wouldn’t accept an invite to the White House if the women once again win the World Cup, Megan agreed to an invite from AOC to visit Congress.