BOMBSHELL: Mueller’s ‘Hit List’ Revealed, Here’s What He Wants

A Grand Jury subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office to a witness last month exposes his “hit list” and what he is after.

Mueller’s list was reviewed by Axios, and features ten names of individuals who have worked for President Donald Trump.

The special counsel is asking for subpoenas for all communications the unidentified witness sent and received regarding the following individuals:

  1. Carter Page
  2. Corey Lewandowski
  3. Donald J. Trump
  4. Hope Hicks
  5. Keith Schiller
  6. Michael Cohen
  7. Paul Manafort
  8. Rick Gates
  9. Roger Stone
  10. Steve Bannon

Mueller’s subpoena asks for all communications between November 1, 2015 to the present date.

This is another scathing attempt by Mueller’s team to delegitimize Trump, who won the 2016 presidential election fair and square.

After nearly a year of investigating, neither Mueller’s office nor Congress has found a shred of evidence proving collusion took place between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

But Mueller and his team of Obama-Clinton donors are still seeking to derail Trump’s presidency and bring charges against him.

Americans are horrified that taxpayer dollars are funding this witch hunt against a duly elected president, wondering how much further Mueller is prepared to go to take down Trump.

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed several crimes throughout her career and nothing has been done about it.

Many Americans would agree there needs to be a second special counsel appointed to investigate Clinton and her many crimes.

What do you think about Mueller’s investigation and hit list?