BOMBSHELL: Illinois Democrat’s Wages GARNISHED After $1 Million Loan Never Repaid

A Democratic lawmaker is going to have a big chunk of his lofty salary garnished for a massive unpaid debt.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Rep. Bobby Rush will have 15 percent of his congressional salary taken each month to repay a $1 million debt he owes.

The Illinois Democrat is delinquent on a loan for a now-closed church he founded and set-up in Chicago.

Given he makes $174,000 annually as a member of the House of Representatives, Rush will be forced to pay $2,175 per month until the debt is repaid.

On Wednesday, Cook County Circuit Judge Alexander White ordered the wage garnishment from Rush’s salary lofty salary.

In June 2017, a judge initially ordered Rush repay the loan, which was $550,000 at the time.

The loan was taken out by Rush and seven other co-signers in 2005 from the New City Bank to purchase the church called Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Chicago.

It was renovated and renamed the Beloved Community Church of God in Christ.

Rush and his counterparts stopped making their monthly payments of $3,562 in 2011, which led to creditors taking over the loan.

The creditors removed Rush’s co-signers from their lawsuit in 2015, and named the Illinois Democrat solely liable for repayment.

Quite remarkable to see a member of Congress having their checks garnished because they weren’t responsible enough to pay their own bills.

Repaying this massive debt will likely be a strong wake-up call for the Democratic lawmaker.

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