BOMBSHELL: Democrat Chris Coons Just Gave Away Sickening Game Plan, ‘I Don’t Control Other Allegations’

On Friday, (R-AZ) Jeff Flake struck a last second deal with Democrat Chris Coons.

The vote passed through the Judiciary Committee following the deal and Flake said he would be a no on the Senate floor without a “limited in scope” week long FBI investigations. However when talking with the press, Coons gave away the entire Democratic strategy.

Coons was pressed on the length of the FBI investigation and said “I don’t control the FBI and I don’t control if other allegations come forward.”

Watch below:

If you haven’t been able to see the clear attempts to delay, delay, delay until after the midterms, you aren’t paying attention.

During Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, Democrats came in with a plan to obstruct and resist the hearings because they “didn’t have enough time to review documents” despite two months of time to learn about Kavanaugh’s rulings.

Then they waited until hours before the first vote to release the Christine Ford letter that Senator Feinstein’s office has withheld from the Judiciary Committee.

Once they released the bombshell letter, they called for her to testify. Kavanaugh said he was ready to testify the day the allegations hit. Christine Ford waited and her lawyers even claimed she was afraid to fly to D.C. for a testimony so they would have to wait even longer. Ten days later Kavanaugh and Ford finally testified.

Ford was hammered for her frequent flying on airplanes despite saying she was afraid to fly to the testimony.

Democrats could’ve called for an investigation in July, they didn’t. But they spent all of yesterday demanding an FBI investigation during Kavanaugh’s testimony.

Their tactics of delaying until after the midterms, when the Democrats presume they’ll win the House, will work out perfectly for blocking Kavanaugh from ever becoming our next Supreme Court Justice.

This is a new level of infuriating!

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