BLOOD BOILING! Behar Blows A Gasket Over McCain During Awkward Segment Of ‘The View’

The fur was flying on ABC’s snakepit of anti-Trump hatred on “The View” on Monday when hostilities boiled over between hosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCain in one of the celebrity meltdowns that has become the left’s stock in trade.

The popular daytime program is another prime example of how every ounce of enjoyment has been sucked out of what used to be entertainment by a bunch of tantrum-throwing, narcissistic celeb crybabies who just can’t get over the idea that Hillary choked like a dog and coughed up a winnable election in 2016.

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With each passing day since then, people like Behar (who gets a free media pass after dressing up in blackface) and her fellow media hate mongers continue to vent against Trump and all things related to Trump and the lid blew off the pressure cooker in spectacular fashion this afternoon.

Ms. McCain — who is also a loose cannon like her father — triggered the 76-year-old Behar when she attempted to interject a point during the rant which did not go over well with the woman with a voice like a foghorn and wears her anti-Christian bigotry on her sleeve like a badge of honor.


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Via Fox News, “‘The View’ host Joy Behar shuts down Meghan McCain over ‘hissy fit’ during awkward segment”:

ABC News’ “The View” Joy Behar scolded colleague Meghan McCain on Monday morning, telling the conservative co-host that she was having a “hissy fit” and ending a conversation before McCain had a chance to chime in.

The daytime gabfest got uncomfortable during a conversation about Senator Amy Klobuchar, who poked fun at President Trump’s hair over the weekend after he mocked her presidential announcement. McCain appeared to talk over Behar’s introduction of the segment when the fiery liberal shot back, “Can I get through this, please?”

Behar continued setting up the discussion as McCain repeatedly said the entire thing was “stupid.” The panel dissected the feud between Klobuchar and Trump when McCain chimed in.

McCain rhetorically asked, “Can I say something now? Is that OK?”

Behar told her to “go ahead” and McCain sarcastically replied, “I have permission to speak now on Amy Klobuchar? We’re all good?”

McCain started to explain that she had friends at Klobuchar’s announcement when she was distracted by whatever Behar was doing off camera.

“No, by all means, keep going, Joy,” a visibly frustrated McCain said.

Behar shot back, “If you’re going to have a hissy fit, we can’t continue.”

McCain may have been diminished to some after her crass exploitation of her own fathers funeral to inveigh against Trump and her recent controversial comments that “I hate this country” without daddy’s leadership, but credit her for the amazing amount of restraint that she exhibited by not choking Behar on the set.

It’s hardly the first time that the two have clashed barring Behar being fired by ABC for her blackface incident (sardonic laughter) it won’t be the last.

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