Bitter Anti-American Heel Colin Kaepernick Really Hates Thanksgiving

After his failure to land an NFL job following his ridiculous publicity stunt workout, unemployed former quarterback Colin Kaepernick vented his spleen on Thanksgiving.

Like his fellow far-left anti-American radicals, Kaepernick just can’t tolerate the idea of the traditional holiday and the coming together of families to count their blessings and dine on turkey and all the trimmings.

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In a bitter Twitter missive, the attention-starved ex-San Francisco 49er whose career imploded over his focus on making political statements instead of reading his playbook, Kaepernick once again trashed America.

According to the millionaire who has likened himself to a slave, there should be no Thanksgiving celebration because the government stole the land from the Indians hundreds of years ago.

In a delicious bit of irony as delightful as a slab of sweet potato pie, the messiah of malcontents chose the infamous Alcatraz Island for his latest cranky rant.

According to the hypocritical numbskull who many believe is a modern-day prophet:

Spent the morning at the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Ceremony on the 50 year anniversary of the Occupation of Alcatraz. The US government has stolen over 1.5 billion acres of land from Indigenous people. Thank you to my Indigenous family, I’m with you today and always.

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Liberal rag Mother Jones describes the event as follows:

Native Americans in northern California gather annually for a sunrise ceremony, called “Unthanksgiving Day,” on Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay. This year’s gathering, though, was special: It marked 50 years since Bay Area Natives, having left reservations and flocked to cities, staked a claim to Alcatraz (where the infamous federal prison was decommissioned in 1963). On November 20, 1969, Indigenous activists began their 19-month occupation of the island—a watershed moment for Native organizing that pushed President Richard Nixon to end the brutal “termination” era, during which over 100 tribes lost federal assistance. The occupation sparked a chain reaction of radical organizing that continues to this day.

While remembering that occupation, Unthanksgiving Day also honors a much more expansive legacy of Indigenous resistance, one spanning more than 500 years.

The prodigal son’s return to the San Francisco area where he was once the quarterback of a Super Bowl team before falling into discontent and militancy didn’t garner the coverage in the “woke” media that his workout did before it went off the rails.

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With his one big chance to make nice with NFL owners who he hoped to sucker into signing him to a contract, he instead chose to move the workout 50 miles away at the last minute and then showed up wearing a Kunta Kinte shirt after the slave in the epic 1970s miniseries Roots.

It was hardly the way to impress prospective employers and two weeks later, not one of the NFL owners has so much as offered him a gig as a locker room towel boy.

How bad did his workout go?

One of the no-name guys who he was throwing to managed to get a tryout offer but not the cop-hating admirer of Fidel Castro.

The trip to the rock seems to be the beginning of an expansion of his yet to be defined mission to sow the seeds of an outright revolt in America.

Don’t expect Kaepernick’s message to remain peaceful either, that is never the case with aspiring revolutionaries and Alcatraz may be ironically symbolic of what the future holds for him if and when he crosses that line.