Big Trouble For Pelosi; Top Dem Hit With Expulsion Resolution

Nancy Pelosi is ramrodding impeachment through the House while running roughshod over fairness and due process but she is starting to face resistance from the opposing party.

Ever since the Democrats retook the House last November, they have been abusing their power with an endless series of tribunals and spectacles that are eerily reminiscent of the old Soviet Union.

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Now that the power-drunk Speaker has officially pulled the trigger on the sham process in order to exact vengeance against President Trump for winning the 2016 election, some Republicans have decided that enough is enough.

On Tuesday, GOP  Rep. Ralph Abraham introduced a resolution to not only remove the dementia-addled Pelosi from the speakership but to expel her from the House Of Representatives.

With the Democrat Politburo totally in control, Abrams’ resolution has no chance of passing and is largely symbolic but it could stiffen the spines of many cowardly Republicans who have continued to show that they have no stomach for having mean things said about them on Twitter if they defend the president.

According to the Louisiana congressman:

“Nancy Pelosi’s vicious crusade against our lawfully-elected President is nothing more than a politically-motivated witch hunt and it must be stopped.”

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Via Fox News, “GOP Rep. Ralph Abraham introduces resolution to expel Nancy Pelosi from House”:

A Louisiana Republican congressman introduced a resolution Tuesday to expel Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., from the House of Representatives, the latest sign that frustration in the GOP is building as Democrats continue their impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Rep. Ralph Abraham’s resolution stands no realistic chance of passing in the Democratic-controlled House. Likewise, Republicans have argued that Democrats’ potential articles of impeachment are all but certain to stall if they ever reach the Senate.

“Nancy Pelosi’s vicious crusade against our lawfully-elected President is nothing more than a politically-motivated witch hunt and it must be stopped,” Abraham said in a statement. “She has disgraced the people’s House and weaponized the Speaker’s gavel for her party’s political gain.”

Abraham added: “House Democrats spent nearly three years obsessed with election meddling only to dwarf any such efforts with their own deceitful plan to nullify the 2016 election and prevent President Trump from winning in 2020. I have introduced a resolution calling for her to be expelled from the House and for the Speaker’s Office to be vacated.”

Fox News is told that the resolution has been closely held, and hasn’t secured many Republican cosponsors — but that Abraham’s office expects it to gain traction.

The Botox-embalmed banshee from San Francisco has presided over an ongoing travesty since Trump’s stunning electoral smack down of Hillary Clinton and many would argue that Pelosi’s tenure has inflicted lasting – and possibly irreversible – damage on Congress as an institution.

Not only has this worthless Congress not done one thing for anybody who isn’t an illegal alien or social miscreant but Pelosi and her minions have condoned anti-Semitism and allowed the cancer of socialism to metastasize.

Now they are abandoning the process for impeachment as it existed for both Bill Clinton and Richard M. Nixon by convening in secret, scheming with the CIA and using Deep State agents that are falsely identified as “whistleblowers” instead of the partisan traitors that they are.

Rep. Abraham’s resolution won’t dislodge Pelosi but now that the Democrats have been governing straight out of Stalin 101 it is becoming increasingly likely that voters will do the job November.

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