BIDEN FLASHBACK: Former VP Says “Politicians Can Change” the First Amendment “If We Want” To

Oh, that Joe Biden.

He’s been running his mouth for decades but the far-left media has yet to catch on.

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Check out Biden’s views on the First Amendment back in 1974…

From Breitbart:

Former Vice President Joe Biden told a journalist in 1974 that “cruddy politicians” like himself could “take away” the First Amendment if they wanted.

The current 2020 Democrat frontrunner made the comments to Washingtonian magazine while being interviewed for a profile published in June 1974. Biden, then only 31-years-old, came to regret the interview, as his penchant for gaffes and insensitive remarks—traits defining later portions of his career—heavily colored the piece. At the time, however, Biden appeared eager to discuss his life as the nation’s youngest senator.

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“I am proud to be a politician,” Biden told then-Washingtonian writer Kitty Kelley, who authored the profile. “There is no other walk of life which can do more good for mankind than politics. It influences everything that happens to the American people.”

Biden proceeded, according to Kelley, to lean “over his desk to shake his finger at me” while explaining elected officials like himself had the power to “take away” constitutionally protected rights if they saw fit.

“And, whether you like it or not, young lady,” he said. “Us cruddy politicians can take away that First Amendment of yours if we want to.”

It’s amazing to see how far left Democrats have moved in the past 10 years or so.

Biden claimed in 2006 that nobody should be given amnesty and that immigrants should learn to speak English.

Is that going to be a problem for voters next November if Biden takes the Democrat nomination?


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Old soundbites are coming back to haunt Joe. That shouldn’t be a huge surprise, given the former vice president’s propensity for gaffes.

This latest unearthed clip shows Joe sounding a lot like President Trump when it comes to illegal immigration, even slamming “corrupt Mexico.”


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A review of rhetoric from Joe Biden’s record on immigration. It included boasting about needing a 700 mile fence to stop “tons…tons…tons” of drugs from “corrupt Mexico” in 2006. Jailing employers who hire “illegals” and not allowing sanctuary cities.


Republicans would like this old Joe. Unfortunately, Democrats have gone too far left to see straight.

The biggest problem is that by the time Dems open their eyes to their ignorant ways, it may be too late for America.

Then what? Once you vote your way into socialism, you have to fight your way out.