Beto Suggests That Everybody Who Votes For Trump Is A Racist

For a guy who is now pulling numbers between zero and one percent according to the most recent polls, Robert Francis O’Rourke is sure getting a lot of love from the media.

O’Rourke who is more widely known by his phony Latino nickname of Beto had gone from the man heralded as the “Kennedyesque” savior of the Democratic party to a total schmuck until he had the remarkable good fortune of having a mass shooting take place in his former home district.

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Following the heinous and cowardly slaughter of innocent shoppers at an El Paso Walmart last weekend, O’Rourke has been sought out by the anti-Trump media, especially at CNN where he has been a fixture.

For those who have been paying close attention, Beto’s dangerously incendiary rhetoric has become more strident as his poll numbers have cratered but he may have just pegged the meter on incitement when he showed up on CNN’s “State Of The Union” on Sunday morning.

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While being lobbed softballs and leading questions by the unctuous fake newsman Jake Tapper, O’Rourke laid out the Dems’ main strategy for 2020 which is to falsely accuse millions of Americans of being racists because they vote Republican and specifically if they vote for Trump.

This is about as divisive as it gets and all the more dangerous now that the media has implicitly sanctioned violence against Trump supporters.

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Via The Washington Free Beacon, “O’Rourke: It’s ‘Really Hard’ to See People Voting for Trump If They Aren’t Racist”:

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke on Sunday said it was “really hard” not to view supporters of President Donald Trump as racist.

O’Rourke appeared on CNN’s State of the Union, where he was critical of Trump’s rhetoric and his behavior after the deadly mass shooting in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio last weekend.

“You said to me last week that you thought President Trump was a white nationalist. I just wonder, sir, President Trump won your home state of Texas by nine points,” host Jake Tapper said. “Almost 63 million Americans voted for him. Do you think it is racist to vote for President Trump in 2020?”

There was a long pause from O’Rourke before he said, “I think it’s really hard.”

“I think it’s really hard after everything that we’ve seen from his time as a candidate in 2016 to his repeated warnings of invasions to his repeated calls to send them back,” O’Rourke said. “Sending back people who are U.S. citizens, sending back people who were born in this country.”

“His description of white nationalists and klansmen and neo-Nazis as very fine people. His warnings of Muslims as being somehow inherently defective and attempting to ban them from entry into this country, and his transgender troop ban and his attack on anyone who does not look like or pray like or love like a majority of the country,” O’Rourke continued.

O’Rourke went on to say Trump is “dangerous to the future of America and will destroy what makes us so unique.”

He also continued to hammer the big lie that Trump referred to Nazis as “fine people” which has repeatedly been disproven and debunked but then again, the Democrats are still pounding away at Russian collusion too.

Even Tapper himself admitted that the “good people” narrative was hogwash and yet he didn’t challenge Beto.

Last week on Tapper’s show, Beto invoked the left’s cherished Nazi analogies to accuse the leader of the free world of dehumanizing language.

And yet here he is engaging in some dehumanization of patriotic American citizens who are exercising their right to participate in the Democratic process. There is a word for this sort of demagoguery and that word is despicable.

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The Democrats know damn well that they have less chance than the proverbial snowball in Hell of beating Trump fair and square at the ballot box and are now working to shame and bully anyone who is thinking of voting for the POTUS that they’d better think again – or else.

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Whether being falsely smeared as racists and white supremacists is a high-risk electoral strategy especially when considering that 63 million people voted for Trump in 2016 and likely aren’t going to take kindly to such slime campaigns from Democrats and their shills in the media.

Why a chump like Beto is even given the time of day with his miserable poll ratings is a testament to how much that CNN now resembles state-run television in an old Soviet Bloc country.

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