BUSTED! Bernie Caught Telling Enemies How To ‘Successfully Fight The United States’

A video from 1985 reveals and exposes socialist Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders was once praising the nasty regime of Communist Castro in Cuba.

Sanders, who’s also running for president in 2020, was also seen in the same video admitting that he once traveled all the way to Nicaragua and was discussing with people from the Ortega regime on how to “successfully fight the United States.”

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This is the type of video that Sanders probably doesn’t want any of the people who donate money to see.


One look at History.com’s information about Castro shows that he was responsible for providing “military and financial aid to various leftist guerrilla movements in Latin America and Africa” from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.

This might sound appealing to liberals, but if they had any idea what was really going on, they might think differently and wonder why Sanders was interested in traveling outside of the country to tell people how to defeat our country.

Castro might have brought upon a few essentials like electricity to his nation, but what he did after that speaks volumes and forced people to flee Cuba.

Castro “also closed down opposition newspapers, jailed thousands of political opponents and made no move toward elections. Moreover, he limited the amount of land a person could own, abolished private business and presided over housing and consumer goods shortages. With political and economic options so limited, hundreds of thousands of Cubans, including vast numbers of professionals and technicians, left Cuba, often for the United States.”

He was a dictator who rejected anything that differed from his personal norms and forced people out of Cuba.

The Vermont senator may want to address his video to the many people who donated to him this week, landing him $6 million in donations from his followers in just 24 hours.

He is the face of socialism. He’s the one with all the money while his followers will end up in the Sanders bread line if socialism ever ruins America like it does everywhere else.

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