Befuddled Biden Savagely Mocked For ‘No Malarkey’ Bus Tour

Things continue to go from bad to worse for Joe Biden who is currently barnstorming the rural areas of Iowa in a furious effort to shore up support two months before the state’s critical caucuses.

This time though it isn’t his senior moments or garbled syntax that have drawn guffaws of laughter and bushels of mockery but rather the big blue bus that he is traveling on with his curious slogan of “No Malarkey” emblazoned across the side.

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The ill-considered and outdated slogan is already backfiring big time on the 77-year-old Biden who has struggled to appeal to the younger voters that are seen as the lifeblood of the party which has worked hard to appeal to the growing demographic and like the former veep, “malarkey” is a relic of the past.

As a result, lunchbucket Joe is being roasted for being out of touch even as he travels to 18 counties in the Hawkeye State looking to cut into the appeal with the locals that is enjoyed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, all of who have experienced early success in state polling.

The scourging that Biden is taking is relentless with one example being Fox News host Greg Gutfeld who unloaded on “malarkey” and the candidate.

According to Gutfeld:

I guess “Dagnabbit, where are my dang trousers?” was too long.

But what a time-travel machine it is. The slogan conjures up a time when old men wore fedoras, smoked on trains and worked through a heart attack.

So is it meant to bring back images of the good old days, which for many it isn’t?

I mean, the last time men used “malarkey” as an adjective, it was probably to describe giving the right to vote to women.

So Biden may seem out of time, in more ways than one.

But at least on tour, he’ll have plenty of jawbreakers to give the kids, even if they smell like mothballs.


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Biden’s bigger problem is that it isn’t only Fox News that’s kicking him around but also late-night activist comics who bleed Democrat blue like Trevor Noah.

Joining Noah and Jimmy Kimmel were the vacuous MSNBC bobbleheads on Morning Joe:

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Twitter also was filled with bipartisan disapproval of Team Biden’s peculiar back to the future strategy.

If the geniuses behind this had the expectations that “malarkey” would generate buzz they were right but none of it is positive which should cost people their jobs before their boss and his bus are permanently stranded in the political boonies.

Meanwhile, Biden is sleepwalking through his stump speeches again…

He also kicked off his Iowa tour in Council Bluffs last week by nibbling on his wife Dr. Jill’s fingers while she was giving a speech – that one resulted in a lot of head-scratching.

Even while he remains the frontrunner – largely due to the menagerie of freaks that are the rest of the field – it is imperative for Biden’s presidential bid to achieve launch trajectory with a strong showing in the caucuses.

That will quiet the naysayers, keep the donors writing checks and keep Hillary Clinton on the bench but at this point, it isn’t looking good for the old warhorse as he painfully drags himself to the political glue factory as a result of his cringe-worthy campaign.