Assange HAMMERS Obama Administration for WikiLeaks Releases, “Entirely Your Fault!”

Late Friday, Julian Assange put the Obama administration on blast, giving them credit for elevating him to full leak mode during the 2016 presidential election year. Namely, the e-mail dumps that left many Democrats in tears.

Assange jumped on Twitter to denounce comments made by Eric Holder — Obama’s U.S. attorney general — who led the unconstitutional attack on Wikileaks, following their release of U.S. classified military documents back in 2010.

“Russian threat to our upcoming elections: do something! Do anything. Impose sanctions overwhelmingly approved by even this dysfunctional Congress. Are you simply unfit, without the necessary nerve or do they have something on you? We were attacked!” Holder tweeted back in February.

Mr. Assange shot back on Friday:

“Attacked? By what? The truth?

It’s entirely your own fault, Eric. Thanks to your unconstitutional grand jury against @WikiLeaks you left me with nothing to do but work 24/7, in harsh conditions, for years—and I’m good, very good, at my job,” he tweeted.

Mr. Holder has yet to respond to Mr. Assange’s attack.

President Obama and AG Holder’s efforts to indict WikiLeaks and Assange personally over the release of information given to them caused Assange to seek asylum at the Ecuadoran embassy in the UK, where he lived like a prisoner for six years.

During those six years trapped in London, Assange claims he had “nothing to do but work” around the clock — allowing WikiLeaks to reveal more secrets of the US and its corrupt and rigged political landscape.

A few short months before the election, Assange began to release a flow of e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server. Many of which contained damning evidence of foul play within the Democrat party. Many experts credit the election results to this leaking directly. The FBI investigation would have been nothing without it. And for that, we thank you, Mr. Assange!

Eric Holder can now thank himself, and the entire Obama administration for that, as well!

H/T: The Washington Times

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