AOC Unveils Diabolical Plan To Implement Gun Control, Immigration Changes WITHOUT Congress

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled her diabolical plan to implement gun control and immigration changes in America without going through Congress.

During an interview with Politico, the New York lawmaker said that she and other progressive lawmakers plan to use intimidating tactics to advance their agenda.

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The plan, she argued, is to “shame” America’s massive financial institutions “into taking a stand on some of the country’s most divisive issues: climate change, gun violence and immigration.”

Here’s more from Politico:

The lawmakers are leveraging seats on the powerful House Financial Services Committee and a huge following on social media to confront finance industry executives and discourage them from funding oil pipelines, firearms makers and private prison companies that operate immigration detention centers. Like-minded activist groups are helping amplify the message.

Ocasio-Cortez even admitted to Politico that the “shame” tactics and putting pressure on banks to initiate the change she wants is to completely bypass Congress.

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“There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and not everything has to be done through legislation explicitly,” she said. “We can also use the tools that we have here to pressure change in other ways as well.”

Ocasio-Cortez is basically arguing that she knows passing measures on gun control, climate change, and immigration can’t get passed in Congress.

So, she’s essentially making the case for Democrats to use “scare” and “shame” tactics to pressure companies and financial institutions into taking actions for them.

This comes just days after she told her constituents in the Bronx to follow her on social media if they want to know what she’s up to.

While speaking with a small group of her constituents on Thursday, the New York lawmaker was asked about her lack of office hours and being hard to reach.

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Ocasio-Cortez told them that she’s still taking “baby steps” but that her they can follow her on Twitter to keep up with what she’s doing.

“Right now we’re just taking these baby steps and adapting according to community feedback,” Ocasio-Cortez old told The Post when asked about why she’s not more available to those who voted her into office.

“We don’t want to be too concrete, we adapt to the feedback of the community, so if we hear that folks want more evening hours we’re happy to do that,” she added.

When asked how people should keep up with her, Ocasio-Cortez suggested: “You can give us a call, you can email us, you can add us on social media.”

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When asked if she had a specific schedule that constituents could find, Ocasio-Cortez claimed she wasn’t “allowed.”

“Due to safety reasons I’m not allowed to, so Capitol Police, uh, yeah, it’s intense, so, Capitol Police recommend that we don’t give specific details about where we will be and when too far in advance,” she said.

She’s apparently too busy for her own constituents, so she wants them to follow her on social media.

And if they want to meet with her face-to-face and ask questions, Ocasio-Cortez claims she doesn’t have the time to give a concrete schedule.

She’s only been a member of Congress for three months and she already sounds like a career politician.

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