LOL: Massive Anti-CNN Billboard Appears Across From CNN Headquarters

When you start your day with some morning coffee and turn on the computer to see a giant anti-CNN billboard has made the news, then it’s a good day!

The billboard was placed right across the street from CNN headquarters in Hollywood.

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It directly targeted CNN’s Jeff Zucker and labeled the station as the “Communist News Network” — but that’s not the funniest part.

The billboard gave Zucker the title “CEO, CNNPC” which was a mention to the NPC Wojack meme, a non-playable character in video games who can’t think for itself.

The anti-CNN billboard had another drastic yet hilarious message.

It read, “Keep Korea Divided” which would possibly benefit CNN because they would have something negative to say about President Trump if the Korea’s decide to not be peaceful with each other.

Based on a report from The Hollywood Reporter, this billboard was put up by a conservative group of street artists who went after Zucker and CNN for an obvious liberal bias they use when reporting on the news.

Rather than provide people with facts from a neutral point of view that allows readers to think on their own, they deploy leftists views in hopes to run with a liberal narrative.

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Look at this big beautiful billboard.

The artists, known as The Faction, didn’t buy or rent the billboard, but instead had draped their own artwork over the previous billboard which advertised something else at the corner of Sunset and Cahuenga.

The Hollywood Reporter got in touch with one of the artists.

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They stated that the anti-CNN billboard was directly related to CNN’s coverage of Trump’s summit, in Vietnam, with Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

The pair walked away with no deal, but a peaceful agreement leading to disarmament of North Korea’s nuclear weapons seems to be in the near future.

“When Trump speaks glowingly of Kim Jong Un it’s a tactic,” says a member of The Faction, which remains anonymous. “Zucker and his journo-activists know this, but are more than willing to try to torpedo the summit — the future of the long-suffering North and South Korean people be damned.”

The billboard calling Zucker an NPC and referring to CNN as the “Communist News Network” lasted for about 7 hours until it was removed.

That was just long enough for people to look out the window at CNN and catch a glimpse of the cold hard facts, something they’re not used to.

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