Anderson Cooper initially claimed he was “hacked” after Anti-Trump tweet…but now he has a NEW excuse!

As we reported earlier, Anderson Cooper called Trump a “tool” and a “pathetic loser” on Twitter, but he later said “he was hacked”.

We knew that this excuse was a crock of BS, but now CNN has come up with ANOTHER crazy theory!

According to their new lie, Anderson Cooper’s assistant left her phone unattended at the gym and someone came and Tweeted from Cooper’s account. (Yes, that’s what they’re going with).

Here’s what they tweeted:

Here’s the text version of their statement:

“His assistant inadvertently left his phone unlocked and unattended at the gym early this morning, and someone took the phone and sent the tweet. His assistant, who has worked with Anderson for more than a decade, is the only other person with access to Anderson’s twitter account,” the statement said.

So they really think we’re going to believe this crap? Sorry, but we don’t buy it for one damn minute!!!

In case you missed Cooper’s initial text, here it was again:

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Cooper’s side of the story at all? Comment below…

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