LIBERAL “TOLERANCE”: Ana Navarro says Melania Suffers From “Oxygen Deprivation To The Brain”

More and more each day we see so called Journalist’s and Hollywood personalities attacking the President’s family on a very personal level. Whether it be attacks on Barron Trump, Don Jr. Eric, Ivanka or even Tiffany; the family has proved to be fair game by continued actions like this.

The first lady has had her share of attacks as well, including this latest attempted degrading of her intelligence from a vocal anti-Trumper and CNN contributor Ana Navarro.

Mrs. Navarro mocked First Lady Melania Trump Monday by asserting that she has suffered “oxygen deprivation to the brain.”

Navarro vowed to stay off “Political Twitter” while vacationing, but it seems she just couldn’t resist the urge to toss out a jab at the first lady.

Her jab stemmed from video tweet CNN posted, the tweet reads.

“First lady Melania Trump speaks out against cyberbullying as part of her Be Best campaign, warning against “destructive and harmful” uses of social media”

With attacks becoming more and more vocal by those who dominate the public domain of many airports across the nation, internet service providers and many households in America, What type of message is being conveyed?

One can easily argue the message is simple:

“It’s OK to insult, demean and in some cases threaten the family of a person due to the Political outrage you hold towards their spouse, father or family member.”

From a party that touts it self as the party of women and tolerance, this latest example if a very far cry from those beliefs. Navarro is a CNN contributor, so it may be a good assumption that these recent comments will be widely ignored as a issue of concern, but rather regurgitated by most media outlets in an effort to further promote hatred and intimidation for the President or his policies, using the avenue of attacking his family.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the President’s family is Fair game, or do these attacks need to stop? Let us know below.

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