American People Send Powerful Message To RINO Mitt Romney

It is beginning to look as though the longer that Mitt Romney stays around, the less popular that he becomes now that has finally made it to Washington D. C.

The pathetic sore loser of the 2012 presidential election when he choked like a dog against a beatable Barack Obama has now become the leader of the gaggle of renegade Senate Republicans who will join the Dems when President Trump’s fate is in their hands.

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Never one to simply get the message and go away, Mitt has lingered like a bad cold and the loss to Obama has clearly left him a bitter and spiteful man.

Mitt had a chance to man up during the 2016 GOP primaries and take his shot at Trump for all the marbles but instead, he stayed on the sideline like a feckless wimp and called for others to do his dirty work.

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His lack of integrity and even the semblance of a spine has resulted in a rare show of unity in a divided America because according to a recent poll, the vast majority of voters think that Mitt sucks out loud.

That is the message sent by last week’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

According to Utah based Deseret News, “Only 1 in 5 Americans see Utah Sen. Mitt Romney favorably, poll shows”:

Americans apparently don’t like Sen. Mitt Romney.

Only 18% of Americans have a favorable view of the Utah Republican, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Among the group, a mere 2% have a “very positive” view of Romney, while 16% have a “somewhat positive” view of him.

The poll showed 38% of Americans have a negative view of the freshman senator, evenly split between “somewhat negative” and “very negative.” Another 37% described him as neutral and 7% didn’t know his name or weren’t sure.

Romney has emerged as a sharp and sometimes lone GOP critic of President Donald Trump since taking office in January. Most recently, Romney said Trump was wrong to ask Ukraine and China to investigate Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

While many Republicans have come to Trump’s defense, Romney has said he’s withholding judgment on whether that’s an impeachable or removable offense. He was one of three GOP senators to not sign a resolution condemning House Democrats for conducting the impeachment inquiry behind closed doors.

Romney condemned Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria, saying it amounts to abandonment of Kurdish allies that “will stand as a bloodstain in the annals of American history.”

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The national results are in line with a recent poll of Utah voters that shows nearly half disapprove of the conduct of their carpetbagging junior senator.

Then there is Romney’s not-so-secret second Twitter account and the moniker Pierre Delecto which generated no small amount of ridicule for Pelosi’s partner.

President Trump has finally begun fighting back against the feckless former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts, likely referring to him with a blistering tweet where he blasted Never Trumpers as human scum.

The POTUS also threw down with Senator Delecto who he slammed as a “pompous ass” in another blast from his weaponized Twitter account last month.

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There is a good reason for Mitt’s dismal ratings.

It is largely thanks to Romney’s inability to close the deal in what was a winnable election that would have spared America from the second four years of the radical wrecking ball that was Barack Obama that we are in Syria to begin with.

At the time, the former president was reeling and vulnerable but like the spineless wimp that he has always been, the feckless Willard Romney not only held back the knockout punch but turned the other cheek for Obama who was happy to oblige by pimp-slapping him.

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Thanks to this choke artist, the nation may never recover from the damage that took place from 2012-2016 when Obama destroyed race relations, poisoned the discourse and weaponized the nation’s surveillance system against political opponents.

And liberals hate him anyway and according to the NBC/WSJ poll, so does everyone else with the exception of his fellow travelers.

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