Taylor Swift Got Political At The AMA’s, And The Ratings Suffered TERRIBLY For It

The American Music Awards sank to a new low this year and Taylor Swift’s opening performance didn’t help one bit. Swift is a newly announced supported of Democrats after spending years keeping her voice out of politics. Some people thought that once she announced her support for Senate candidate Phil Bredesen and US House of Representatives candidate Jim Cooper in Tennessee, that more people might tune in to watch her performance, giving the AMA’s a boost in their ratings.

That didn’t happen.

In fact, the opposite happened and the AMA’s absolutely tanked in comparison to last years ratings, which were low as well. This year’s ratings were even worse.

“ABC’s “AMAs” set a new record low in TV ratings on Tuesday, despite Taylor Swift opening the show with a performance and closing it by clutching the evening’s top award.

The “American Music Awards” settled for a 1.8 rating this year among adults 18-49, which is the demographic most attractive to advertisers. It had a 2.4 in 2017 when the special aired on a Sunday in November. Last year’s 2.4 tied the previous record-low set by the 2016 version” as per The Wrap.

Entertainment award show ratings have steadily declined over the years due to celebrities becoming more vocal about politics. It seems that the general public has become tired of having their entertainment marred by outspoken celebrities turning their entertainment platform and celebrity status into a stage for social justice warrior antics.

Last night, Taylor continued this trend and got political:

Some of the most outspoken celebrities like Kathy Griffin and Alyssa Milano use their voice more for politics because they don’t have much of a career in Hollywood left.

They don’t have much to lose, but they’re inadvertently ruining it for everyone else.

The average person doesn’t seem very interested in having politics mixed into their entertainment, and the Hollywood based award show ratings could be a huge indicator that people are tired of it.

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