Alyssa Milano MELTS DOWN Over Trump’s Omar Tweet, Then Attacks GOP In Vicious Tax Day Rant

Far-left actress Alyssa Milano blew a gasket after President Trump tweeted a video response to freshman Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar downplaying the events of 9/11.

Omar said “some people did something,” yet failed to mention WHO did WHAT, exactly.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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Check out Milano’s embarrassing meltdown…

What in the actual f***!? Is this real life?!

We all need to report this tweet.

We can not normalize this behavior.

Help me process this. Please.

What is there to “report” other than a member of Congress trivializing 9/11? Milano should be ashamed of herself.

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Now, check out her wicked rant on Republicans and tax day, which is tomorrow, April 15…

1/ Now that Tax Day is almost here, and Americans are seeing for themselves who the Republican Party really cares about. Here are some things to remember ahead of Tax Day: (Thread)

2/ Already this April, we’ve learned that tax refunds are down this year by $6 BILLION.

3/ According to a recent NBC/WSJ poll, only 17 percent of Americans think their taxes went down, and a majority don’t think they got any tax cut at all. And this isn’t partisan. Only 33 percent of Republicans think they got a tax cut.

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4/ And we just learned from the Center for Public Integrity that the number of big companies that pay zero taxes—that’s right, zero—have gone from 30 to 60.

5/ But here’s the thing—Americans aren’t dumb. We knew from the beginning what Republicans were doing. As of March, the GOP tax scam only had a 36 percent approval rating. That’s worse than Trump’s.

6/ We knew the @GOP was just doing a giant favor for their corporate donors and friends. We knew it would add to an already unsustainable deficit.

And we knew the middle class were an afterthought.

Read full @future_majority report here:

More recent tweets from the actress:

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If anyone in America suffers from true Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s Alyssa.