After Trump’s Deal With Mexico, Here’s How Much Illegal Alien Apprehensions Just DROPPED

In a rare bit of good news from the border, President Trump’s deal with Mexico to stem the flow of illegal immigrants is already paying dividends as the number of apprehensions dropped last month.

In June, there were 37,500 fewer migrants taken into custody than in May!

Much to the dismay of Democrats who are largely responsible for the humanitarian crisis at the border, the leader of the free world shook things up with his threat of tariffs on our southern neighbor.

Facing the prospect of serious economic consequences, the Mexican government agreed to stronger measures including the deployment of its national guard throughout the country including its own southern border.

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It was a huge win for Trump and a message to all of America that Mexico is willing to do more to assist with crisis mitigation than Democrats.

Now that the early results are in, it once again looks like Trump’s unique ability to cut through the bureaucratic B.S. as a successful businessman is a success.

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Via The Washington Examiner, “Illegal immigrant apprehensions dropped by more than 37,500 in June”:

The number of people taken into custody after illegally crossing from Mexico into the United States dropped in June for the first time in six months, plummeting by more than 37,500 since May, according to two officials with firsthand knowledge of the data.

Exactly 94,487 people were arrested crossing between ports of entry in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California last month. The massive decline comes after 132,000 illegal entrants were arrested in May on the southern border, the highest number in one month since March 2006.

Another 650 people were arrested along the U.S.-Canada border and coasts in June. Apprehensions are considered an indication of the number of people attempting to illegally enter the country.

One senior homeland security official who confirmed the numbers said the border is still in a “crisis” because an average of 3,166 people were taken into custody each day in June, but Border Patrol can only hold 4,000 at a time.

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Additional details via Texas Tribune:

“We are still in an ongoing border security and humanitarian crisis. U.S. Border Patrol made 688,375 apprehensions through the end of June, 140% higher than through this time last year. And our June apprehension numbers are still higher than last year’s, when we were already in a crisis,” the DHS press office said in a news release.

Officials credited the decline to several factors, including the recently implemented Migration Protection Protocols, which requires that some asylum seekers be sent back to Mexico while they wait for their immigration proceedings in American courts.

The program began on the California-Mexico border in January before expanding to El Paso-Ciudad Juárez in March. As of last week, more than 7,600 people had been returned to Ciudad Juárez, according to Chihuahua state officials. The Trump administration announced Tuesday that the MPP is now in place on the Laredo-Nuevo Laredo border.

The decline can also be partially attributed to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s deployment of Mexican National Guard troops to secure that country’s southern border with Guatemala to stem the flow of migrants from Central America intent on traveling north to the United States. López Obrador agreed to the deployment after President Donald Trump threatened to impose tariffs of up to 25% on Mexican imports.

“Since the administration reached a new agreement with Mexico, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the number of interdictions on the Mexican southern border,” DHS officials said.

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While the numbers dropped in June, the Trump administration is still facing a ferocious battle from Democrats who brazenly like about detention facilities being the equivalent of Nazi concentration camps and who are able to promote those lies with little to no challenge from the press.

Still, it’s a good start and further proof that electing a businessman who has actually accomplished something instead of a career politician was just what America needed.

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