After Cuomo Blasts People Who Pray For Victims, Parkland Father Fires Back With Perfect Tweet

On Friday, Ryan Petty shot back at CNN’s Chris Cuomo for scolding people of faith who pray for shooing victims. Petty is the father of 14-year old Alaina Petty, who died in February while a crazed shooter killed 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.

Petty knows a thing or two about being on the other side of “thoughts and prayers”, and he openly blasted the far-left CNN host on Twitter:

“Hi Chris Cuomo, thoughts and prayers sustained my family and helped us pull through the most dark and difficult time in our lives. It’s not just the ‘thoughts and prayers’ offered, it’s the compassion that follows“, tweeted Petty.

Petty was referring to Cuomo’s Thursday-night rant against people who offer “thoughts and prayers” after tragic shootings like the one that just happened at a Southern California bar earlier this week.

Cuomo claims that when you offer thoughts and prayers, you actually “mock” the loved ones of the victims. He also sarcastically asked “You think leaving it to God is the answer?”

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“First, I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers, because that’s what you do when you offer ‘Thoughts and prayers’. You mock those who lost loved ones because if you gave it any thought at all, you would never walk away from any of these without figuring out a better way to deal with them,” Coumo exclaimed.

“And prayer? You think leaving it to God is the answer?” Cuomo added.

Watch his diatribe below:

“So what are you praying for? What would it take?” Cuomo asked.

Cuomo then gave a bizarre scenario that he thinks would give more attention to stricter gun control – puppies and children.

“How about a stadium full of children of the most influential people in our society, all holding puppies. What if they were all shot and killed. Would we act? Oh, don’t be ridiculous — more ridiculous than doing nothing? Time after time?” Cuomo stated.

POLL: Do you think CNN is the enemy of the people?

“And the next time is coming”, he claimed hysterically.

Many Twitters users unloaded on Cuomo for his tone-deaf remarks:

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