After Calling For Bipartisanship, Pelosi Won’t Rule Out Investigating Trump

As Nancy Pelosi gets closer to regaining the mighty gavel as Speaker Of The House she is backing away from anything that even remotely resembles bipartisanship as Democrats prepare to launch dozens of investigations into President Trump.

Now that she has been formally nominated for the speakership, Pelosi is hedging on her post-election vows of a new era of “bipartisanship and common ground” that she expressed in a press conference in early November and threw in with the lynch mob that has been itching to prosecute their dirty war on Trump.

During another presser on Friday, Pelosi joined several incoming Democrats and sent a signal of what’s to come and it isn’t likely to be governing in the best interests of the American people.

Via LifeZette “Nancy Pelosi Won’t Rule Out Investigating President Trump”:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) wouldn’t take the notion of investigating President Donald Trump off the table on Friday during a press conference.

“The American people want us to address their bread-and-butter, kitchen-table issues,” Pelosi said. “That is what we promised in the election for the people, lower health care costs, bigger paychecks, integrity in government, and that’s what we’re here to do. The committees with jurisdiction will determine how they proceed.”

“But make no mistake, oversight is a congressional responsibility.”

Pelosi was responding to a question from a reporter on what investigations her members think should be the focus and whether there is concern such efforts would distract from legislating.

She was joined on stage by a dozen newly elected lawmakers who will become members when the new session starts January 3.

Pelosi is also on course to become speaker after already clenching her party’s nomination this week.

“Oversight is our responsibility,” Pelosi said. “Article I, the first branch of government, a check on the other two. It followed a beautiful preamble to the Constitution. So we will honor our responsibilities.”

With such rabidly anti-Trump Dems as Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters and Jarrold Nadler all heading up key committees it’s likely to be the most disgusting spectacle that Congress has seen since the days of the House Un-American Activities Committee and the infamous Joe McCarthy witch hunts during the height of the Cold War.

Reports have already been made that Democrats could be staging at LEAST five dozen investigations into Trump and that number could easily double or triple once special counsel Robert Mueller makes his move.

Will it be a winner for the Dems in 2020 or are they on the brink of a monumental strategic blunder due to overreach? Time will tell.

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