Adam Schiff Admits Defeat, His Impeachment Plan May Have Just Crashed And Burned FOR GOOD

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff admitted defeat over the weekend, and his impeachment plan for President Donald Trump may have just crashed and burned for good.

During an interview Sunday on ABC’s “The Week,” Schiff admitted that trying to impeach Trump would more likely fail in Congress.

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Schiff said it would fail due to a lack of support from Republicans in both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

“I think we’re going to do what is right for the country, and at this point, the speaker has not reached the conclusion,” Schiff began, sounding dejected and gloomy.

“I haven’t either that it’s the best for the country to put us through an impeachment proceeding that we know will, is, destined for failure in the Senate,” he continued.

Schiff added, “There may be little additional cost to going through that process, even if unsuccessful in the Senate.

“But we’re not there yet and I think if it is a close call, close calls go against putting the country through that,” he said. – The Best Collection Of Pro-Trump News On The Planet!


Quite something to see Schiff, who has been pushing impeachment for nearly two years, admit on live television that impeaching Trump is likely never going to happen.

But Schiff isn’t the only Democrat who has admitted that Democrats have virtually no shot at impeaching Trump.

During an interview Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn revealed that Democrats have no plans to impeach Trump anytime soon.

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When host Jake Tapper asked Clyburn if he thought Democrats would launch impeachment proceedings against Trump, he said “yes,” but noted that it may take some time before Democrats ever actually do anything.

“What Nancy Pelosi is trying to do, and the rest of us in the House of Representatives, is to develop a process by which we can efficiently move on this issue so that when we get to a vote, it would be something that she calls ironclad, I call effective. And that is why we are trying to take our time and do this right,” Clyburn added.

This means Democrats know they don’t have any real case against the president and that they are aware of the political risks involved with impeachment.

Schiff’s and Clyburn’s comments came just days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told California Democrats that Congress would continue aggressive investigations into Trump and the Trump administration, which will likely lead to the Democratic-controlled House starting an impeachment inquiry.

It is more than clear to many that Democrats are desperate to keep going after Trump.

Time will tell what happens next, but Schiff and Clyburn admitting that Democrats don’t have the support to impeach Trump is a big deal.

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