Activist Judge Gives Mueller Major Win; Here’s What We Know…

It’s starting to look like the Mueller witch hunt is going to be conveniently extended again which should raise questions as to whether it will continue all the way up until next year’s presidential election,  providing the Dems with endless fodder to smear President Trump with.

Just as buzz was beginning to build that the special counsel was going to deliver his highly-anticipated report to Congress just in time for a spring impeachment circus in the Democrat-controlled House, a ruling by an activist judge has signaled that it will continue in perpetuity.

On Friday, a grand jury that was working for Mueller in Washington D.C. had its term extended for another six months. This is not good news for the beleaguered administration and especially President Trump who continues to have a cloud hovering over him while the media propaganda mill churns out endless conspiracies.

Via Politico, “Expiring Mueller grand jury gets extension”:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Washington grand jury, which was set to expire over the weekend, has had its term formally extended by a federal judge.

By law, most federal grand juries are impaneled for 18-month terms, although extensions for up to six months are routinely granted. The key grand jury used by Mueller came into existence on July 5, 2017, and would have run out Saturday without action from the court.

Chief Judge Beryl Howell approved the extension of the investigative panel, although there was no comment by the court on why. “The chief judge confirms that grand jury 17-1 has been extended,” an aide to Howell said Friday.

The grand jury bearing that number is known to have produced several indictments related to the Mueller probe, including charges against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates. The same panel has also returned indictments against 25 Russians and three Russian companies over alleged hacking and online activity related to the 2016 U.S presidential election.

The extension of the grand jury suggests that Mueller may plan further indictments, but there were already several other indications of that. Two political supporters of President Donald Trump — political operative Roger Stone and author Jerome Corsi — have said that they have been threatened with indictment by Mueller’s prosecutors.

In a bit of information that should come as a shock to nobody who has been paying close attention to this police state farce, the judge is an Obama appointee.

Jeff Sessions is the gift that just keeps on giving for the Dems.