Acosta Issues Stark Warning To ‘Conservative Media’ – It’s Laugh Out Loud Pathetic

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, arguably the most anti-Trump “reporter” out there, issued a warning to conservative media members this week and it is laugh out loud pathetic.

During a segment on CNN with host Anderson Cooper, Acosta warned that there is “no guarantee that you get to stay in power forever,” suggesting that Democrats may seek revenge if/when they regain power.

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Acosta was on Cooper’s show to discuss his new book, “Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.”

You can see a large portion of the interview in the video below:

Quite confident about himself, isn’t he?

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His controversial words can be seen below:

“What I wanted to do is sort of take the big-picture view on this and say, ‘Is this the kind of country we want, we want to hand off to the next generation, where we’re now comfortable from here on out saying that the press is the enemy of the people?

And to our friends in conservative media, Anderson, I say this — ‘It is no guarantee that you (conservative media) get to stay in power forever.’ And so, another administration could come in and do the very same thing to them and say, ‘Well, Donald Trump did it. Guess what? We’re going to do it to you guys, too!’”

His “warning” to the conservative media was laughable for a number of reasons.

First of all, saying that the conservative media are in power?

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Fox News may be #1 rated, but that’s because there is so little conservative media out there when compared to the massive liberal coverage.

Second, since when has Acosta ever called the conservative media his “friends?” What?!

Third, where does he get off implying that when a different administration comes in, the “very same thing” will happen?

Has Fox News suddenly become acceptable at liberal rallies? Are they welcomed on college campuses with open arms?Give us a break, Acosta.

At least his imbecilic statements are getting him some more attention, which he truly needs at this point.

After all of his free publicity on major media networks (oh, you poor, pitiful “out-of-power” reporter), his book sure doesn’t seem to be doing as well as he had hoped.

His book has been out for several days now, and at the time of this article’s publication, the book had 32 customer reviews on Amazon and was only receiving 2.9 out of 5 stars, despite the massive positive press coverage.

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Additionally, he has already received a scorching criticism from NPR’s Annalisa Quinn where she attacked his attitude, his role as a reporter, and pseudo-heroism.

As published by NPR:

In The Enemy of the People, Acosta sounds less like a reporter than a rival athlete: “We beat Trump!” Acosta remembers shouting after the lawsuit. Later, he writes, the “Trump people … had clearly gotten spanked.” The tone throughout is jocular and self-congratulatory. Describing a Trump confrontation, he writes that another reporter was “the real hero” of the news conference for defending Acosta, something you only say if you believe you are, in fact, the apparent and obvious hero.

“I don’t believe reporters are supposed to be the story,” Acosta writes. “That’s how I was trained. But at that press conference, I had faced a choice: Do we just absorb Trump’s attacks? Or do we push back and stand up for ourselves?” This feels like an artificial distinction. Reporters become part of the story when the president attacks them. But in between absorbing abuse and hitting back is another option: fighting for access, challenging the president on lies, and reporting the facts the way you would with any other story. Acosta seems to believe that the attacks give him special dispensation to offer his personal opinions, and that doing so is even an act of bravery or public service. 

Ouch. And this is a review from the LIBERAL media?  Not looking good.

What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comment section below!

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