Acosta Gets Vulgar After Former WH Official Teases Him; “F*** You”

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta completely melted down on Thursday night when a former White House official teased him on social media. Acosta was so mad that he blocked the person and wrote, “F**k you.”

As noted by The Daily Wire, Acosta got very vulgar after Justin Caporale, a former official for First Lady Melania Trump, poked fun at him for complaining about music.

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President Donald Trump held a massive campaign style rally in Montana on Thursday night, and Acosta was dispatched to provide coverage of the event.

Toward the end of the rally, Acosta fired off a tweet complaining that the music was too loud, apparently triggered that he wouldn’t be able to hear the sound of his own voice.

The CNN reporter was angered that the media couldn’t do live interviews because the music was too loud, and even implied that Trump did it on purpose because he “loves those kinds of shenanigans.”

In response to Acosta’s tweet, Caporale wrote, “Dear Diary.”

Given Acosta often complains on Twitter about everything Trump does and says, conservatives often troll him by writing “Dear Diary” in response to his tweets.

Users are joking that his tweets come across as something that someone would complain about in their diary.

Caporale was poking fun at Acosta for complaining about music being too loud at a rally with thousands of people in a packed arena.

Apparently, Acosta wanted absolute silence so he could hear the sound of his own voice while he was complaining about Trump and the rally.

Later on Thursday night, Caporale tweeted a screenshot that appears to show Acosta sent him a private message on Twitter that read: “F**k you.”

Caporale tagged the CNN Politics and CNN Twitter handles in his tweet, an attempt to make them aware that one of their top employees was using vulgar language toward a former White House official.

Caporale also uploaded a second screenshot, which shows that Acosta blocked him on Twitter.

Acosta completely melting down and launching into a vulgar tirade perfectly encapsulates how he often operates.

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Acosta has had several notable moments, ranging from being trolled on social media to humiliated by White House officials.

In recent months, Acosta was ruthlessly mocked by social media users for claiming to be offended by rapper Kanye West’s language in the Oval Office; White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pulverized him by saying, “I state the facts, something you have a hard time with“; Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo took turns slamming Acosta for asking “ludicrous” questions; he blamed conservative outlets for making CNN look bad; and was recently pummeled into oblivion online for uploading a mirror-gazing photo of himself.

And now, he’s saying “f**k you” to a former White House official for poking fun at him because he complained about the music being too loud.

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