ABC’s ‘Blackish’ Celebrates Black History Month By Disgustingly SMEARING Ben Carson

ABC’s “Blackish” is at it again.

Far be it that they would give praise to Dr. Ben Carson, the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; former director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Children’s Center.

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No, they pretty much just stick to slandering him, which is a shame when you consider their recent episode on Black History Month.

As reported by Newsbusters:

ABC’s comedy black-ish (sic) celebrated black history on Tuesday’s episode, “Black History Month.” But only liberal black figures were truly celebrated while only one conservative, Dr. Ben Carson, was mentioned…and treated like a pariah. The show also depicted its white characters as ignorant and racist, as per usual.

At a certain part in the show, they pay homage to Joycelyn Elders, the first black surgeon general. They paint her as being a real hero in the black community.

Look at a quote from the show from the character Spencer:

She used her position to talk about sex education and drug addiction in a way that cut through sound bites and addressed people’s real lives.

But what was her REAL legacy? What is she REALLY known for?

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As reported by Newsbusters:

Interesting. No mention of Elders’ eugenic comments on abortion, which praised killing unborn children as a way to lower the number of birth defects, particularly children with Down syndrome. Or that she was forced to resign after suggesting that masturbation be taught to school children.

That is the person that they think should be taught about in Black History Month? Really?

After the characters in the show argue about who should and shouldn’t be mentioned in Black History Month the discussion turns to whether Ben Carson would be suitable:

Pops: Am I? If that’s not the case, what if I said… Ben Carson?

Octavia Spencer: Ben Carson. Unh-unh. Nope.

If you don’t watch the show, you wouldn’t know that there is an ongoing dialogue about what a disgrace they think he is.

You can see an example of it in the twelfth episode in season three.

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The following conversation occurs between characters as they’re discussing the  importance of electing a female president.

“Of course I want a female president. I just didn’t want it to be her.”

“You guys just said that you would’ve voted for anyone who was black, but what if instead of Obama, it was Clarence Thomas or Herman Cain or Ben Carson?”

“Oh, God, no.”

“Definitely not that fool.”

“Dude is a weirdo.”

“Yeah, exactly. Well, in my mind, Hillary Clinton is the Ben Carson of white women.

“Is Ben Carson even black?”

So what is it that makes Dr. Ben Carson so bad?  Well, he’s a conservative. This is an unforgivable sin on a show that loves all-things-left.

Honestly, you’ll never see them praising black conservatives like Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell.

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There is one “Colin” that they do praise on the show, though. Get ready for it. It’s Colin Kaepernick. From the episode “Stand up, Fall Down”:

Andre: Dad, that was amazing! Mm-hmm. The looks on their faces. You spoke truth to power!

Dre: You know what, son? I’m glad you were there to witness it.

Andre: Yeah, my dad is Kaepernick.

Dre: Ah, well, you know, son, I just do what I can.

Leslie: Hey, Dre. Oh. Junior. Ah, listen, we were chatting, and we actually like the direction we’re headed, so I decided that we’re gonna keep moving on the campaign without you, so take the rest of the day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Andre: At least you don’t have to do it. That’s good news, right?

Dre: No, it’s not. They’re icing me out, son. I am Kaepernick.

Whether they’re fawning Colin Kaepernick or slandering Dr. Ben Carson, one has to question why the show has become so “special” to their audience.

As reported by Variety:

“One of the things that has always made ‘Black-ish’ so special is how it deftly examines delicate social issues in a way that simultaneously entertains and educates,” an ABC spokesperson told Variety on Friday.

“Entertains and educates,” huh? If this is “entertainment,” we should be ashamed. If this is “education,” we should be FRIGHTENED.

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