76 Percent of Americans Approved of Trump’s SOTU Address; Here’s Why That Number Is So Important

This is an opinion piece by Dylan of Educating Liberals

President Trump delivered a phenomenal State of the Union Address this year that left the Democrats sweating their asses off and revealing their true anti-American colors.

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One America News host Liz Wheeler posted a tweet that listed a few of the things they refused to clap for:

How unbelievably childish.

They even refused to clap when President Trump called for an end to human-trafficking.

What kind of a messed up world do you live in where you refuse to acknowledge and support something like this?

And what does this say about their party’s values? The Democrats have become so far left and are being so blatantly exposed for their hypocrisy, that the American public is waking up fast.

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According to a CBS News poll, 76% of the people who watched the SOTU Address approved of the President’s speech.

That’s 3 out of every 4 Americans!

And when broken down even further, the poll showed a strong approval rate from Republican viewers (97%), a low approval rate from Democrat viewers (30%), and a surprisingly high approval rate from Independent viewers (82%).

The 82% approval rate by Independent viewers is the key number to focus on because it shows how many people – who were unsure of Donald Trump in 2016 – have now witnessed or experienced the benefits of his presidency and are likely to vote for him in 2020.

President Trump’s historic tax cuts ALONE will be enough to win over many of the undecided voters / people who don’t pay much attention to politics – and that’s because money talks. Saving a couple thousand dollars each year, or “bread crumbs”  as Nancy Pelosi would call it, has a serious impact when deciding who to vote for.

The CBS News poll also revealed that 72% of the viewers approved of President Trump’s stance on immigration.

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This number actually shocked me at first considering how vocal the opposition towards the wall has been, but it’s also an amazing indication as to what happens when he is allowed to speak uninterrupted and directly to the American public without having his words twisted and filtered by the Fake News Media.

Building the southern border wall and strengthening our national security is not only what the people want, it’s what our country desperately needs, and it’s exactly what President Trump is going to deliver – “one way or the other!”

P.S. — I know that mainstream media polls can be highly unreliable with extremely biased results against Republicans, but CNN released a similar poll with similar results and now it has me thinking.

Perhaps the President’s approval rating was even higher than 76%.

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