28 Reasons Trump Would Be Best All Time President

There are many reasons why Donald Trump would make the best President

Below you will find an impressive list of the things that make Trump stand out

above the rest of the competition.

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by Jodi Pharis Powell on Facebook

28 more reasons: His success is unmatched in the business world by all the others.

* Attended one of the best business schools/ t0 make 10 billion dollars
* His knowledge of contracts and negotiating is brilliant/ internationally/ unparallel
* The Apprentice/ number 1# rated program 10 years running
* 10 best selling books [ His book the Art of a deal [educational]
* Owns and operates Miss Universe/ Miss America] beauty pageants
* He’s doing business worldwide therefore his experience is desirable/ knows cultures/international taxes/ pricing/ shipping/ unions/ regulations/ contracts/ business/ practices/ suppliers/ safety rules/ types of workers
* He’s into construction, media, manufacturing, travel and publishing
* He’s a job producer/ just for the records/ most of his CEO’s are women/ yes they make more than the men/ creditability counts
* Gives millions to charities
* He understands currencies/ money exchanges/ inflation, deflation worldwide wages
* His tax program 1-5-10-15 is simple
* His universal inter state medical/ insurance program is very realistic/ competition
* He has a good five point immigration program
* He’s pro military or Vet’s [improve VA hospital/ care]/ Take ISIS oil fields to pay Vets millions
* He wants to seal off the boarder [build that wall] He’s built a 96 story building/ he thinks that’s harder than constructing a wall/
* Anti Iran deal/ he says it states we have to protect Iran if Israel attacks [Iran keeps saying they are going to wipe Israel and us off of the map/ [He’s pro Israel and BiBi]
* He’s pro Christmas stance plus is anti [political correct]
* He also realizes that our nation is being trashed worldwide and specks up about such
* China money manipulation policy [anti] USA/ recognizes the problems
* Japan’s tariff on US goods [one way deal making]
* Put a tariff on Mexican goods/ all traffic/ cut off aid
* Remember when Trump said; we protect Saudi Arabia therefore they must pay
* We fought and spend billions in Afghanistan to help those people and China is mining their minerals because the Obama administration is incompetent/ can’t win at negotiating/ stupid leaders
* He’s warning America of [Poisons vaccines] and the dangers
* Wants a high tech military/ a world class military/ hardware/ hacking/ security [too good to fail]
* Realizes we have a Muslin problem in this nation
* He thinks Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud [check out his SS#, no draft card/ old pass port/ E-verification status, school records [remember his dad isn’t American therefore he isn’t qualified for the office he’s in]
* He will work for a $1 per year salary and not accept the pension after presidency if elected!
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