2020 Dem Candidate Gets RACIAL; Says Next Generation Of Whites Will “Shoot Up Asian Churches”

Andrew Yang is a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate. He’s the founder of a non-profit called Venture for America, which has a mission “to revitalize American cities and communities through entrepreneurship.”

According to Yang, whites will soon start shooting up Asian churches.

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Based on what?


How despicable is that?

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Fortunately, Yang stands about the same chance to become president as Hillary Clinton.

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More on Yang, via Washington Examiner:

Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is finding a growing surge of online grassroots support for his longshot campaign in the form of memes.

The 44-year-old serial entrepreneur’s online supporters, known as the Yang Gang, have started meme pages on Reddit, Twitter, and 4chan, placing Yang’s image on popular meme templates. The profile of Yang memes exploded last month after his appearance on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, which is a favorite show within the meme community.

Yang’s popularity is attributable in part to his universal basic income proposal, the centerpiece of his campaign, which entails giving every adult in the country $1,000 a month. The policy proposal is popular among a mostly white and male meme and gamer culture which shares Yang’s concern for jobs being lost to automation.

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The Democrat governor of Washington is also a 2020 presidential candidate, for whatever reason.

Although, Jay Inslee is extremely sorry that he’s a straight white male.

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No joke. For real. No joke.

From Free Beacon:

Washington governor and 2020 candidate Jay Inslee (D.) said on Sunday he thinks he has humility about being a straight white male, saying he recognizes the advantages he’s received as a result of that identity.

“Our new CNN/Des Moines Register poll shows only 38 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa say they would be satisfied with a straight white male nominee,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper said. “So why are you as a straight white male the right person to lead the Democratic party if there’s so much skepticism from Democrats in Iowa?”

“I think I have a humility about being a straight white male that I have never experienced discrimination like so many do. I’ve never been pulled over as an African-American teenager by an officer driving through a white neighborhood. I’ve never been a woman talked over in a meeting,” Inslee responded.

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Check out this latest poll out of Iowa:

It would appear that Inslee and Yang are merely tossing their hats in the ring to get some attention.

Otherwise, everyone and their mother knows the Dem nomination will be gifted to either Senator Bernie Sanders or former Vice President Joe Biden.

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